Adjusting for Flash Floods in the UK

UKFloods10-3-2013Crawford & Company’s property loss adjusters have been reflecting on a busy summer of work after flash floods hit many parts of the UK.

The experiences of homeowners and businesses in flood-hit regions once again made headlines in late July and early August as up to two feet of water drenched communities in the Southwest, North and Northeast of England.

There were fears at one stage of a repeat of the 2007 floods whose damage resulted in insurance claims in excess of £1.1bn (approximately $1.7 billion) but mercifully, more benign weather conditions developed.

Now, after a period spent supporting homes and communities with their insurance claims after this year’s flash flooding, Crawford’s property loss adjusters have shared their experiences to Claims World.

Just one of many examples was a claim in Todmorden in West Yorkshire, where Crawford’s adjuster, Maia Haidari, changed direction on her way home to assist homeowners after being advised of the situation by ClaimsAlert, our claims reporting center.

“I immediately realized that the situation was urgent and called insurers to notify them of the extent of damage and instructed suppliers to find alternative accommodation for the stricken homeowners. It was also apparent that this claim needed the skills of our Corporate & Major Incident Team and so I arranged via ClaimsAlert for them to be notified of the situation. As a result, the homeowners were delighted that someone had come to their rescue and sorted their insurance arrangements out.”

The Corporate & Major Incident Team continues assist with claims although there is a long journey ahead for the homeowners as they wait for their homes to dry out and be repaired.  But Crawford’s prompt response lessened a stressful situation for the homeowners and is helping them move back in their home as quickly as possible.

Have you experienced flooding this year in your home, town, city or state? Share what you experienced below.

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