Broadspire®’s Vocational Case Managers – Helping Injured Workers Restart Their Career

BroadspireLogo2013Injured workers may have a difficult time figuring out what types of jobs they can physically perform when they no longer are able to return to their prior occupation.  Rather than letting injured workers find their own jobs, Broadspire can provide companies with a Vocational Case Manager to help with job placement services. Broadspire—part of Crawford & Company—is a leading third party administrator of workers compensation claims, liability claims and medical management services.

A Vocational Case Manager can help the injured worker identify the types of jobs they can perform based on skills, education and physical abilities. An additional assessment can also be done through the use of vocational tests, if warranted. Once a vocational goal is established, the Vocational Case Manager can provide job-seeking skills counseling that includes how to write a resume, cover letter, and thank you letters, as well as how to complete job applications, use resources to find job leads, and maintain a job search log.

The Vocational Case Manager can also help the injured worker develop skills such as researching employers, interviewing (to improve the injured worker’s ability to answer difficult questions, especially as it relates to his/her injury), and networking. Most employers now require applicants to apply online at their websites or a website that posts job openings, and the Vocational Case Manager can assist the injured worker to learn basic computer and Internet skills in order to use those sites.

The ultimate goal of the Vocational Case Manager is to return the worker to the work force, benefitting the worker and the employer. Learn more about Broadspire’s vocational rehabilitation services here(

Have you been injured on the job or had to change careers because of an injury? How did that work out for you? Let us know below.

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