Profiles of our People – Q&A with Greg Johnson of Contractor Connection℠

Quick Q&A with Greg Johnson, vice president, national sales manager for Contractor Connection℠

Greg Johnson-8_2.jpg cropGreg Johnson joined Contractor Connection this spring, and Claims World caught up with him during a recent visit to Atlanta from Jacksonville for an update on his activities.

Greg, what have you been working on since you joined Contractor Connection?
Simply put, building a sales organization that is worthy of the incredible value proposition that our CEO Larry Thomas and my new colleagues have built during the past two decades.  That, and trying to learn as much as possible about the various Crawford businesses so that we can find new synergies and partnering opportunities…there are a ton!

What are your impressions of Crawford and Contractor Connection after four months?
First off, Crawford is one of those truly amazing American business stories…a small town company that has achieved incredible growth, a far-reaching global impact, and an expertise in providing solutions that make a difference in the lives of our clients when times are often at their worst.  Second, the talent in our organization has blown me away.  In every interaction, with every one of our businesses that I have engaged, you cannot help but leave those conversations impressed by the caliber and passion of our leaders.  Bottom line, I feel fortunate to have a leadership opportunity that allows me to contribute to the broader Crawford community at such an important time in the company’s history.

You came from a financial services background. How has your earlier experience translated over to a managed contractor network?
Working in financial services for any length of time, you appreciate just how much the clients put their trust into your hands…it’s a huge responsibility, and one that I feel is quite similar at Contractor Connection with respect to the sizable role that we have in bringing peace of mind to people. Also, I happened to work at a firm that emphasized credentialing its financial advisors and had a world-class reputation for client service. Contractor Connection is every bit as obsessed about the integrity of our contractor credentialing process and delivering the value and world-class customer experience that has distanced us from our competitors.

What opportunities do you see for Contractor Connection? What is it focusing on?
There are two that I’ll touch on.  Although we are already the industry leader, we have a tremendous opportunity to deepen the penetration of our legacy business that caters to the claims needs of insurance companies.  Second, Contractor Connection has an opportunity to build off of our past success and evolve into the commercial and consumer markets, businesses that have the potential to grow our results exponentially.  Actually, I have a vision in which every Fortune 1000 company will include Contractor Connection in their benefit packages for employees.  Very exciting.

What is the managed contractor network market like? Is this a mature industry?
This market is still at its infancy…both with respect to the insurance industry and the broader consumer marketplace.  In fact, I consider the consumer market to be one of those rare “blue oceans” on the business landscape.  In the past, the success that Contractor Connection has generated has primarily been driven from helping our insurance partners offer a more desirable claims outcome for their clients.  Yet we know that there is this massive global market of consumers…our “blue ocean”… that is making millions of discretionary decisions for home remodeling and renovating projects, and virtually all of these are absent the vetting, credentialing, estimate reviews and ultimately, the peace of mind that Contractor Connection provides.

What about Contractor Connection might be a surprise to our readers?
The scale of our business operations and the volume of work that we handle on an annual basis…actually, it surprised me!  While I cannot share absolute figures, the number of projects that we successfully complete each year for clients, that include some of the largest insurance companies in the world, is massive and continues to grow.  Also, our newly completed Contractor Connection headquarters is an impressive state-of-the-art facility that houses more than 180 men and women who are solely dedicated to advancing our business.

How would an individual—not a business—go about accessing the Contractor Connection network?
So glad you asked this question.  The Contractor Connection network is open to consumers as well as businesses.  Whether it’s trying to get a new kitchen installed before the holidays, remodeling the master bathroom, enclosing the patio or any number of projects, homeowners can read more about the program on the consumer website, just enter your zip code and follow the simple steps.

Can you tell that I believe that Contractor Connection is the best kept secret at Crawford?!  Seriously, I encourage anyone with a home improvement or renovation need to click on the link below and start the process:

Greg, thanks for your time and the update.
Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to keeping you updated on Contractor Connection.

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