Annual Netherlands Herring Party Packed with Guests and Drones

Crawford Herringparty_35_DRONELast month, Crawford Netherlands held its famous annual Herring Party for clients.  This event is well known and our clients are always anxious to attend.  This year more than 480 people attended the event, and we are very proud of that large turnout.

During the event George Oostrom, managing director Crawford Benelux-France, spoke of the unique and special character of the event, the great performance of Crawford Netherlands over the past year and our new dual-language Web site in both Dutch and English.  The event was also a great opportunity to showcase our talent in forensic accounting and legal services.

Adding excitement at the event was Crawford Netherlands demonstrating its use of drones for the investigation of losses in areas that are difficult to access.  The aerodynamic presentation was a huge hit with clients as they learned about this new technology while socializing on a beautiful day.

After the event, Crawford received many positive reactions from attendees who had enjoyed the opportunity for more casual conversations outside of the office while getting a better understanding of our capabilities. It was an amazing day and enjoyable event for all the attendees, and plans are now underway for next year’s party.Crawford Herringparty_110_SPEAKER

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