Broadspire’s Worker On Loan Program—Helping People Help the Community

Broadspire® has been implementing an innovative program for injured employees that helps them with their physical recovery while helping the community. Broadspire, a Crawford company, is a leading third-party administrator of workers compensation claims, liability claims and medical management services.

For injured employees, community volunteer work serves as an effective tool to expedite their return to work. Broadspire’s Worker On Loan program facilitates a smooth transitional duty assignment that can assist employees continue their recovery, shorten claim durations and enable them to return to their regular employment. Through the program, injured employees work at local nonprofit organizations in activities that are specifically designed to fit within their limitations, while employers continue to pay wages or workers compensation benefits.

Worker On Loan benefits everyone involved:

  • Local nonprofit organizations receive much-needed assistance
  • Employees continue to earn wages or receive benefits while contributing to their own recovery
  • Employers obtain a means to advance return-to-work and generate good will within their local community
  • Overall loss costs including medical can be reduced due to the expedited recovery

Broadspire is proud to have worked with the injured worker and the nonprofit organization in the following story, as it demonstrates the profound positive effect the Worker On Loan program can have on people’s lives. This summary of an employee’s volunteer work in the Worker On Loan program comes from The Messenger, the monthly newsletter of Catholic Charities in Albuquerque, NM:

An unforeseen injury placed Rolando on temporary leave from his job as a truck driver. Usually he maneuvers an 18-wheel tractor-trailer across I-25 and I-40 around Albuquerque, but was unable to continue driving while he was recovering. In order for him to continue to receive workman’s benefits, he was required to perform community service for the duration of his rehabilitation time. The workman’s Labor Department in Utah worked with him and directed him to Catholic Charities, which has numerous charitable programs helping those in need in the area.

During his rehabilitation, Rolando assisted Catholic Charities in many of their important community support efforts:

  • Rolando volunteered in the English as a Second Language class assisting as a Conversation Partner, becoming an expert on registering refugee clients for English classes.
  • He assisted with In-Kind Donations coordinating pick-ups.
  • When he was able to drive again he became the primary refugee transporter.
  • Rolando donated clothes and food to families.
  • He performed clerical tasks in Human Resources and in the Senior Transportation Office, and also filed and shredded boxes of documents.
  • He went out of his way to take a refugee to several different pharmacies to find the medication he needed, and has taken refugee clients to the public benefits office to sign up for cash assistance. He also helped refugee clients obtain free phones.
  • For Christmas he donated a tree and ornaments when he learned a family did not have one.

While he couldn’t work for his normal employer, Rolando was able to significantly benefit a local community service organization that provides essential help to those in need. The volunteer work helped the organization, the people it serves, and Rolando during his recovery period by keeping him active and involved outside his home and his rehabilitation activity.

What do you think of Worker On Loan? How could be expanded or changed to be even more beneficial to injured employees and their local community? Share your ideas below.

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