The Importance of Listening and Improving

Crawco emp engage

Crawford & Company recently analyzed the results of its 2013 Employee Engagement Survey— its third global employee survey. More than 6,300 employees participated this year, and the overall response rate to the survey was 76%—which is very good. That level of participation means that Crawford’s leadership is truly hearing from a solid representation of the voices of employees across our company.

The purpose of the survey is to identify what Crawford does well for its employees and needs to continue, along with the areas where it has opportunities for improvement.  Our goal through this process—research, evaluation, decision, planning, action, monitoring and adjusting—is to create a company culture with higher levels of employee engagement.  At Crawford we believe we must create this type of culture to support the company’s strategic priorities and improve overall business performance. We believe so strongly in this process that we plan to repeat the survey every 18 to 24 months.

Employee Engagement Survey questions were divided into categories and then compared with 2011 results, which is when the last survey was analyzed. Overall, the results show improvement in most categories, with large gains in some categories. There are categories, however, where Crawford needs to focus efforts on a global basis over the next year to 18 months.

Based on the survey results, actions plans are being created this year to address areas for new or additional efforts with our employees. Over the next year the plans will be implemented and activity monitored to determine if progress is being made and whether those efforts should be modified.

Commenting on the survey results, Crawford President and CEO Jeffrey Bowman stressed that “As an organization, we need to take on the opportunities for improvement that have been revealed through the survey, while at the same time managing and building on our strengths. It is only through a group effort from all of us that we will be able to take meaningful action and implement changes based on the survey results.”

How does your company listen to its employees? Have you seen any meaningful changes in company actions or policies as a result of feedback? Share your experiences below.

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