Celebrating Earth Day

Earth DayOur company has had sustainability programs in place for several years, from adding sustainability criteria into our purchasing policies and selecting vendors that offer eco-friendly solutions, to using fuel-efficient, lower emissions fleet vehicles. We have implemented programs to reduce energy consumption in our data centers and use audio and videoconferencing to reduce travel impacts. Every administrative and operational process is carefully reviewed for its potential to reduce our carbon footprint.

One of our sustainability efforts involves our relationship with Iron Mountain®, a world leader in information management services. Crawford & Company works with Iron Mountain to shred and recycle paper in our offices, leading to significant sustainability savings for a range of resources. After Iron Mountain securely shreds information, the processed materials are transported to paper mills for pulping. This destruction process provides both security and environmental benefits by reducing pollution, preserving landfill space and saving trees, water and oil resources.

Our secure shredding program made an enormous impact in 2012:

  • 2,048,444 gallons of water saved
  • 1,199,803 kilowatt hours of electricity saved
  • 585,270 pounds recycled paper (office grade paper)
  • 134,612 gallons of oil saved
  • 17,558 pounds air pollution prevented
  • 4,975 trees saved
  • 878 cubic yards of landfill reduction

You can read more about Crawford’s sustainability efforts here.

We want to know: What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? Do you have an annual tradition?

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