Celebrating the Rose Carnival

collage 2

Crawford & Company extended a warm Rhineland welcome to colleagues and clients at the Cologne-Düsseldorf Rosenmontag Parade, part of the annual Karneval festivities in February.

With a cosy, roof-covered Crawford truck at Cologne’s central Neumarkt to protect guests from the winter weather, revellers were treated to a perfect view of festivities at this event which resembles Mardi Gras, but has its traditions as a historic celebration of Lent and for the coming of Easter.

Alice Holzem, assistant to Franz Loehnert at Crawford & Company (Deutschland), said: “Crawford Germany has been inviting clients to join us at the Rosenmontag Parade in Cologne since 2006, and we always have a great time as it’s an opportunity to show people a little of the tradition we have here in this part of Germany.”

Alice explains that to an outsider, one or two of the activities may seem a little unusual.  She adds: “Karneval reaches its high point during ‘fastnacht’ week leading up to Shrove Tuesday. Then on ‘Weiberfastnacht’, women take over executive power in the town hall and it is also the custom to cut off men’s ties.”

She adds that to German speakers, ‘Rosen’ when used in this context does not relate to the rose as a flower, but to the verb ‘rasen’ meaning ‘to race’. “The German dictionary traces the origin of the term ‘rasen’ to the Cologne dialect for ‘rose’ meaning ‘to romp or frolic’!”

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