Mark Vos’ Skate-A-Thon

Mark + Peter den Dekker at Lloyd's refillA band of insurance professionals including Crawford GTS’ very own CEMEA head Mark Vos has battled freezing conditions to complete a massive double-marathon distance ice skating race.

The 12th edition of the 80Km Viking skating race (Vikingarännet) between the cities of Uppsala and Stockholm in Sweden saw over 3,000 people competing in sub-zero temperatures on ice that is 25cm thick.

Mark, twice a veteran of the race, was delighted to report an improvement on his previous effort. “I completed the race in 5hrs 30mins this year, which was a big change from the 6hrs 50m it took me in 2011. Then again, I was injured last time and had to skate the final 20km on a broken skate!”

Mark explains that the event is a significant one in the industry calendar for these cold-weather enthusiasts. “The insurance team was created in 2010 after myself and a number of colleagues banded together following that year’s FERMA conference. This year the team had amassed 30 participants from the insurance industry, alongside two guests from the British Embassy. The best time of the international insurance team was 4 hrs 5 minutes for the corporate insurance manager of Arcadis Engineering, Adri van der Waart, which is an excellent achievement.”

There is a professional side to the Vikingarännet: the race was won by Mark’s countryman, an  ex- Olympic skater, Erben Wennemars. “His time of 2hrs 35mis, averaging almost 40kph, was very impressive!” says Mark.

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