A Loss Adjuster’s Diary: Christchurch Earthquake – Day 4

Day 4

Back in New Zealand following the earthquake, Benedict Burke receives welcome news about Marmite, enjoys the sunshine and ponders Christchurch’s residential red zone.  Catch up on Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.

Christchurch was the hottest place in New Zealand yesterday – temperatures soared to 29.6 degrees Celsius with a warm north westerly wind blowing across the city. Not quite the same as Blighty.

The big news in Christchurch is that there’s still going to be no marmite for Christmas but fans of the yeast spread are starting to celebrate as its return to the shop shelves inches closer. In an update announced, yesterday the manufacturer said it was hoping to have a final building inspection next week following extensive earthquake repairs. Marmite production was suspended in March after earthquake damage to a cooling tower.

Meanwhile, clarity is needed on the future of Christchurch’s residential red zone. Adjusters continue to work with some of the 8000 property owners affected and whom, by mandate from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, must settle their insurance claims and vacate their properties by April 2013. The many hectares of land to the east of the city will likely be given over to parkland which will stretch from the commercial business district to the sea.

Assuming insurance is in place the process is that the first $100 000 of any claim is paid by the Canterbury Earthquake Commission, thereafter the insurer will pick up the balance. The government then pays the net value of the property up to 2008 market valuations.

At today’s client planning meeting I learnt that 90-95% of the materials coming from demolished tall building in the city centre have been recycled. Recovered material has been used as landfill, farm bridges over irrigation channels and untreated timber shredded into mulch for gardening. Green Adjusting – another new idea from New Zealand. I can sense an idea for an award presentation coming on – you heard it here first!

The planning meeting went well; the Crawford guys will be here for another six months as we move from a phase which has involved evaluation and commercial settlements to the management of those structures where reinstatement will now take place.

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