Welcome to Claims World

Why is Crawford & Company – the world’s largest third-party claims administrator with a multitude of businesses and a global reach – starting a blog?

There aren’t many blogs in our industry, and maybe that’s because it’s hard to come up with substantive posts week in and week out. In our opinion, a blog should not focus on selling products and services. Rather, we will use ours to help customers, employees, partners, suppliers and others manage, navigate and thrive in the wild and sometimes wacky world of claims . . . thus the name Claims World.

Since our founding, our company has been imbued with a spirit of innovation, and we’re ready to put that to use here.

In the quiet hours before dawn one summer morning, Jim Crawford leaned in the doorway of his Atlanta home and watched an approaching milk truck. It rattled up the street, stopping to deliver fresh milk to a few of the nearby houses.  It banged on out of sight, and was soon followed by the truck of another dairy, delivering more milk to different families. As it pulled out of sight, a third delivery truck appeared, and it delivered milk to those homes untouched by its predecessors.

Jim Crawford watched this activity and immediately saw in it a great inefficiency. He conceived a better, more efficient way for the dairies to deliver their goods that was also a business opportunity for him. That morning, he resolved to approach the local dairies with his idea.

As it turned out, dairy companies in Atlanta weren’t interested in a consolidated, independent delivery service.  However, the nation’s insurance companies were, and as a result, Crawford & Company was born in 1941.

Just as Jim Crawford had a different approach to milk delivery and insurance claims, we plan to use our blog to approach the insurance business differently.  We will:

  • Create a community of engaged stakeholders who need and want to know more about developing trends and topics of interest in claims and risk management.
  • Shine a light on the heart and soul of our business, the claims adjusters and case managers who help make things right for our customers.
  • Demonstrate executive thought leadership in our industry and illustrate the business capabilities of our divisions and businesses.

Welcome!  We are delighted to have you here and hope you will join us in an ongoing dialogue.

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